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Terms & Conditions for Delivery – PAPAYAS

Updated: September 1st 2018

We may update these TERMS AND CONDITIONS from time to time. We will notify you of any changes by posting these new TERMS AND CONDITION on the Order Confirmation page.

This is a one-time agreement and will not re-appear on the Order Confirmation page for your future orders, until any changes are brought to the below set conditions.

By clicking the “I agree” you, (hereforth regarded as “Customer”) agree to the terms and conditions set below for this order and future orders you place with PAPAYAS.

The CUSTOMER agrees that he or she is of 18 years of age.



Take note that these terms are in place to ensure that PAPAYAS can provide the best possible service to ALL esteemed customers.


Orders and Deliveries Fulfillment

An order will be considered confirmed once the customer CHECK OUT from PAPAYAS website and receives an order number, granted no further communication in any manner is made between the customer and PAPAYAS for any amendments of the said order.  Should any amendments be made to the order; then the order will only be confirmed when this latter conversation between both the CUSTOMER and PAPAYAS come to an agreed understanding on how to proceed.

PAPAYAS will dispatch only confirmed orders for delivery.

The delivery address or locations have to be provided correctly.  Any changes to the given delivery details intially, can result in the delivery being delayed further than the initially agreed delivery time or can possibly fall on the next delivery timing on schedule of PAPAYAS. Any new arrangements will have to be agreed by the customer and PAPAYAS for the order delivery fulfillment.

Customer will provide the true customer details and delivery details. PAPAYAS will not bear any responsibility for any delays of delivery due to incorrect or false information provided, or loss, damage and theft after the order has been delivered as advised by the cusomter.

Customers grant PAPAYAS permission to knock the door or ring the doorbell of the given delivery address, in an orderly fashion, in the case the customer fails to answer the calls by PAPAYAS during the said delivery times.

Failure to respond to communications from PAPAYAS even once during the agreed delivery timing will deem the particular order delivery on HOLD and can lead the delivery to be postponed and to be fulfilled/ completed with the next delivery timing but only after a reconfirmation from the customer. No reconfirmation from the Cusomter will lead to the order being cancelled within 24hrs of initial delivery attempt. The customer should initiate any reimbursement of payment under such circumstances no later than a week of the initial delivery date.

Customers can cancel any confirmed orders up to the point of delivery.

PAPAYAS reserves the right to LOWER the price charged for any customers at any time, from order confirmation to deliver.

It is the responsibility of the customer to thoroughly understand the item being purchased from PAPAYAS and by any other means to ensure the item being purchased can be used effectively and safely. PAPAYAS will not take any responsibility of any medical / allergic conditions arising from the use of any particular item purchased.

PAPAYAS will not be responsible for failure to perform any of its responsibilities due to unfavorable circumstances out of PAPAYAS power, such as natural or accidental problems or disasters, political turmoil, etc.


Returns, Replacement & Refunds

Customer can request for a return of a purchased item(s) for replacement, cash-back or any other related item, granted the customer informs PAPAYAS within 24 hours of the initial delivery being fulfilled.

All RETURN items should be in the same unused state the item was delivered in, with tags and packaging intact and with the bill that was provided upon delivery.

Both the customer and PAPAYAS will agree a collection attempt of the RETURN within 24 hours of RETURN request. Any delays on the collection of a RETURN item due to delays on the CUSTOMER part can deem the RETURN request to be terminated. PAPAYAS will not bear any further responsibility in these circumstances.

Any expenses incurred by PAPAYAS to RETURN the item, which are different from the initial delivery expenses incurred by PAPAYAS to deliver the item in the first place, will have to be borne by the CUSTOMER and will be deducted from any monies being reimbursed.

Cash or bank reimbursements for RETURN of items can result in a delay in the amount being reimbursed within 3 banking days.